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Glenn Rost

If you desire to know more about our company call Glenn Rost in our Rapid City, SD office. Phone 1-800-809-1220 or his e-mail address is . Glenn can give you an over all picture of the way Quality Transportation, Inc. handles their lessors and their customers. Glenn has been with Quality Transportation, Inc. since 1994 and is our Safety Supervisor. Glenn can get the ball rolling to get you certified and to get your truck leased on to Quality Transportation, Inc.

Mike & Anna Griffith

Mike and Anna are part owners of Quality Transportation, Inc. and Mike is the President and Anna the Secretary Treasurer. Mike oversees the daily operation of Quality Transportation, Inc. and Anna handles the employee payroll and benefits. Mike started in trucking in 1972 with Bee Line Transportation in Baker, MT. In 1976 he went to work for Western Trucking in Baker, MT. Mike worked there until 1985. In August of 1985 Mike and Anna started Quality Transportation, Inc. If you have any questions that Al or Glenn couldn’t help you with give Mike a call in the Baker, MT office at 1-800-423-0141 or e-mail Mike at .

Al Heller

Al is a part owner of Quality Transportation, Inc. and Vice President. Al handles any leased equipment needs you may have. If you have a tractor but no trailer, Al can help you out by leasing you a trailer with the option to buy. If you are a driver looking for a chance to buy your own tractor/trailer, Al can help put you in a nice truck and a trailer, under a lease purchase. You can reach Al in the Rapid City office at 1-800-809-1220 or e-mail to .

Baker, Montana

PO Box 1530
511 West Montana Ave
Baker, MT 59313
Phone: 406-778-3304
Fax: 406-778-3196

Rapid City, South Dakota

2108 Elkvale Road #2
Rapid City, SD 57701
Phone: 605-341-1296
Fax: 605-341-7404

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