QT, Inc.

Quality Transportation, Inc. is based in Baker, MT with an office in Rapid City, SD. We are one of the biggest oilfield haulers in this part of the country. We haul a lot of pipe and oilfield related commodities from Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Utah to Eastern Montana, Western, North Dakota and Wyoming. But that's not all we do, we haul between all of the lower 48 states and some Canada. We haul a lot of bentonite products throughout the lower 48. We have a nice haul out of Ohio that all of our truck like. We continue to work hard for our owner operators to get as much fuel surcharge as possible while moving the rates up, so we can move our trucks at reasonable rates and get the product delivered to our customers when they need it. We are always looking for a few good owner operators to add to our fleet. Quality Transportation, Inc. pays weekly and takes care all of the paperwork, licensing, fuel reporting, DOT reports, billing etc. For more information, click on Home or Benefits as well as Company. Quality Transportation, Inc.'s phone #800-423-0141.

We also have a sister company called Q. T., Inc. that is a very high rated broker company. Q. T. is listed in the top 10% of brokers in the transportation industry, in part because of it's excellent payment history. We are listed in Compunet Credit's Gold Book of Transportation Brokers. We understand that some of you would prefer to run on your own authority rather than lease on to a carrier. That is what Q. T., Inc. is for. We can load your equipment to and from any part of the U.S. and Canada. We welcome dedicated trucks, that want us to find loads and keep them running all the time, or call Q. T., Inc. when you need a load from where ever you are. Q. T., Inc.'s phone # 800-458-0573. A list of loads that Q. T., Inc. has is on this web site under loads. To find out more about Q. T, Inc. click on Q. T., Inc. on the web site.

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